Our detailing packages accommodate a range of Autos, Motorcycles, Boats and RV’s and guarantee exceptional service and value for your money. Ultimate Reflections, We come to you!

*Pricing according to vehicle size (regular / medium / large)

Express Detail
$99 / $119 / $139
Vacuum all Interior seats & carpets Clean Car Dash & Apply Protectant Clean Door Jambs windows inside/out Hand Wash & Hand Dry Entire Vehicle Clean And Dress The Wheels & Tires Apply Wax
Allow up to 2 hours
Classic Exterior Only Detail
$99 / $119 / $139
Hand Wash & Hand Dry Entire Vehicle, Clean All Of Vehicle's Door Jambs, Clean Wheels And Wheel Wells, Sparkling Windows Inside and Outside, 1 Step Paint Rejuvenation Polish, Express Wax To All Painted Surfaces.
Allow up to 2 hours
Classic Interior Only Detail
$99 / $119 / $139
Vacuum Complete Interior of vehicle, Blow out Vents, Knooks & Cranne's, Degrease Instrument Panel & Console, Clean And Condition Leather Seats, Shampoo All Carpets & upholstery, Steam Clean The entire Interior Of Car, Clean All Of Vehicle's Door Jambs, Sparkling Windows
Allow up to 2 hours
Signature Detail
$139 / $159 / $179
Hand Wash & Hand Dry Entire Vehicle, Interior Vacuum Seats & Carpet, Shampoo All Carpets & upholstery, Clean And Condition Leather Seats, Blow out Vents, Nooks & Crannies, Steam Clean The entire Interior Of Car, Apply Wax.
Allow up to 3 hours
Ultimate Detail
Everything in Signature Package plus, Two-Step Paint Polishing/Correction, Polymer Sealant/Clearcoat Protection, Wheel Polishing.
Allow up to 6+ hours
Car Wash Only
Your Good ol' Carwash! Three Car Minimum*
Gift Ideas
We offer Gift certificates up to any amount.

We Also offer a range of Upgrades


  • Water Repellent Glass Service,
  • Tar & Sap Removal
  • Interior Stain/Spill Removal
  • Headlight/Taillight Restoration
  • Clay Bar Treatment, Scratch
  • Swirl, Over-spray, & Oxidation Removal
  • Semi-Permanent Coatings
  • Buffing & Waxing (machine or hand)
  • Paint Correction and Black Trim Restoration
  • Leather Clean/Condition
  • Engine Bay Detail
  • ScotchGuard Carpet and/or Fabric Protectant.


*All prices are base estimates. Additional charges may be added for bigger or excessively dirty vehicles.

Corporate/Private Maintenance Plans and Fleet Management


From corporations, dealerships, small and large fleets, we can cater to your exact needs. No matter the size of your fleet, Ultimate Reflections has the experience and knowledge to provide you with a winning solution. We consider ourselves your strategic partner that is focused on helping you achieve higher profits, wonderful visibility, and uncompromisable customer satisfaction.

The benefits of our Fleet Management Program:

*Elimination of Labor – Pricing is done on a per vehicle basis. You are taking a fixed cost and moving it to a variable one so you will know exactly what investment you have to make into each vehicle. Along with hourly pay, you no longer have to deal with overtime, employee benefits, workers compensation claims, uniforms etc.
*Cost Savings – Besides labor costs, you eliminate having to purchase any of the chemicals, towels, and equipment required to detail your vehicles. In addition your insurance premiums will be lower along with any out of pocket deductible claims by eliminating that liability.
*No Staffing Issues – You no longer have to worry about training, missed work time, hiring and firing employees or background checks. We provide a highly professional, well trained, motivated staff of detailing professionals.
*Consistency and Quality – We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality for our clients. We combine reliable, proven techniques along with quality products to deliver a product that is not only clean and shiny but is accomplished in a timely manner. The end result is a fleet that will proudly represent your company in the eye of the public.
*Convenience – We come to you! How convenient is that?

Call us NOW at (405) 808-7448 and let one of our detailing professional’s show you how we can save you time and money as well as improve your image by designing a Fleet Management Program that’s right for you!